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Plumbing is your life, your passion, your chosen profession, right? You’ve put a lot of effort into getting to this place, years of study, years of training, and more study, and more training, and still more study, and still more training. Who would have thought joining two pipes together so they don’t leak would require so much expertise? But you’ve done it, now you walk the walk.

You’ve bought a truck, acquired a good set of tools, rented a space. Maybe you’ve created a web site, printed a bunch of flyers, and gone door to door drumming up business pushing for that all important service phone call. Let an affordable answering service keep the leads rolling in.

Low Cost Answering Service For Plumbers


And when that call comes, the customer doesn’t care about all that history. He/she wants the problem fixed. And they want it fixed NOW. They pop Google and start calling. If they hear, “Hi, you’ve reached Jim’s plumbing. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you shortly,” what do you think they will do? Right. Just like you would do. Chances are they won’t even wait for the end of your first sentence to hang up. (Hint: the two subtle messages in EVERY message machine and voice mail recording, are, 1. “Please don’t bother us,” and 2. “You’re not really THAT important to us.” Think about your own experience with these devices.)

Your customers (just like you, by the way), want to know that someone cares about their problems, and will do something about those problems, and will do it soon.

Jan Carlson, president and CEO of SAS Airlines, is credited with popularizing the term “Moment of Truth.” Basically it’s that moment when the potential customer chooses which brand of corn flakes to buy off a shelf of corn flakes, which auto repair to patronize, or which dentist to use. It’s that point when all the effort, all the training, and all the marketing a company does come together and combines with the customer’s needs and generates the final purchase choice – The Moment of Truth.

Don’t waste all the time, money, and effort you’ve invested by telling your caller “Please don’t bother me.” Make it easy for a potential customer to choose you. Use one of our caring, courteous, down to earth, professionals to put your customer’s mind at ease, keep the sales ball rolling, and get the proper service tech on the line. A low cost plumber answering service can help.