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Bilingual Virtual Receptionist Service | Support For Spanish & English Callers

Get a quality bilingual answering service for as little as $0.58 a call.

Your business is very important to you. That’s why we’re here when things go wrong and help never arrives on time. Our elite team of LIVE Spanish-speaking virtual receptionists will answer every call, ensuring that your customers feel confident in reaching out knowing their message won’t get stacked up without being heard right away.

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With our bilingual virtual receptionists, you’ll be able to provide better service for your Spanish-speaking customers. We can help with anything from taking their calls and answering questions about products or services they may need—to make appointments on behalf of them by setting up time slots that best suit both parties’ calendars so there’s less chance of disruption in day-to-day workweeks.

Spanish Answering Service –  Reading, Writing, and Speaking

The team of bilingual Spanish-speaking virtual receptionists not only speak the language, they read and write it. Meaning they will be able to communicate with you, the client, and vendors through any platform. They will keep detailed notes in the language of your choice and can read any client documents that are sent over.

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virtual-receptionist-24-hour-support24/7 Supportvirtual-receptionist-take-messagesTake and Deliver Messages
virtual-receptionist-lead-captureLead Capture Solutionsvirtual-receptionist-appointmentsConfirm Appointments
virtual-receptionist-appointment-schedulingAppointment Schedulingvirtual-receptionist-verify-repsVerify Representation
virtual-receptionist-new-client-intakeProcess New Client Intakevirtual-receptionist-email-document-deliveryEmail Document Delivery
virtual-receptionist-call-patchingCall Patchingvirtual-receptionist-reporting-real-timeReporting in Real Time

We Support: Attorneys and Legal Professionals, Medical & Healthcare, eCommerce and order taking, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Over 100 other Small-Business Industries

Hablamos Ingles Tambien

All business owners know that every market has its own unique set of customers and there shouldn’t be any barriers keeping your company from reaching new ones. A bilingual team can help you break down those language restrictions for an increased profit margin, so don’t let yourself fall behind!

With our bilingual virtual receptionist answering service, you’ll never need to worry about losing a customer or client because they are unable to communicate with the people in your company. You will also have no more trouble conveying what is being said and making sure those who understand know how it’s supposed to be done.

Helping Hispanics With Excellent Customer Support

At our company, we have a deep understanding of the needs and concerns that face Hispanics in America. This is due to having an affinity with this population as well as being situated right outside Miami where many speak Spanish fluently or have relatives who do so at home regularly! Our staff works tirelessly towards serving you according to your specific requirements because they know how important it can be for those from underserved communities like yours to feel heard by businesses’ eagerness to serve them when there are actually differences between what’s been promised versus reality.

Though many of our partner call centers are located in a prime labor market to hire Spanish-speaking employees, the company does not employ someone just because they know their language. We are all picky about who we hire and look for staff with both excellent speaking skills. We do our best to hire staff that not only has excellent Spanish-speaking skills, but also neutral accents.

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Work With the Best Bilingual Answering Service

Pro Virtual Receptionist is the best bilingual answering services in America. Whether you want to provide your customers with more options or just make sure they are satisfied throughout their experience–our qualified agents will deliver on all expectations!

If you are a company that has Spanish-speaking employees, don’t let their lack of availability stop your business from catering to the needs and wants of these people. With bilingual virtual receptionists available 24/7 across North America who can assist customers with everything from scheduling appointments right through tech troubleshooting problems or placing orders for them – there’s no better partner than us out here waiting!

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Over 1,000 Spanish Agents Across the Nation

Our partners and affiliates employ over 1000 Spanish-speaking agents across the United States. These Spanish-speaking agents are experts in all types of industries. They can help you with legal issues, contractor problems, and even medical appointments!

A great example is how our customers have found it easier to make doctors’ visits using a phone answering service for health concerns that affect their Latino community members across the U.S., such as hypertension or diabetes by simply speaking into an earpiece rather than needing to see a doctor face-to-face when they need treatment immediately; this reduces both travel costs (time spent away from work) plus healthcare expenses while still providing quality care thanks to qualified professionals who speak multiple languages fluently including English too depending upon what service needed to be performed.

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Cutting Edge Technology For 24 Hour Customer Support

Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of our bilingual answering services. Pro Virtual Receptionist offers cutting-edge features like custom scripting, IVR service, interactive voice response call centers with greetings that you choose for your business – all designed to save time and money! Your team can also share information about what’s going on in their company via agent messages or calls back from nonemergency numbers so customers know exactly who they’re speaking to when calling us first thing tomorrow morning (or tonight).


Your customer service is our top priority. That’s why we’re the leading bilingual answering service provider! Our night, weekend and holiday hours mean you can continue assisting customers around the clock with 24/7 appointment setting for one low monthly rate of around $70 per month* (*contact us for exact pricing).

Pro Virtual Receptionist is the perfect, cost-effective solution for companies who want to outsource their live telephone receptionist services. We take care of everything including sick days and vacations so you never have any interruptions in coverage.

With our quick response time, you won’t have to worry about being replaced by a competitor.

Most people the statistics on the Hispanic community suggest the need for Spanish operators in business is growing year over year. “You’re Speaking My Language”. Investing in a bilingual answering service will not only let clients know just how much they mean to you but, it is also a very savvy business move. You will quickly gain a reputation as a go-to business for those who do not speak English. You can also identify asset this through online profiles and guides. Pro Virtual Receptionist has your solutions and by being known for having a bilingual communications strategy you will create a loyal base of customers. This service component is excellent marketing and public relations tool.

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Multi-Language Call Centers Prove Passion – Lowest Price Guaranteed

By having a multi-lingual receptionist on your extended team, the clients will know just how much you value their business and are committed to going the extra mile for them. They will know that you not only want their business but, that you prioritize knowing them! This will result in higher customer satisfaction, long term partnerships, and easier conflict resolution down if it ever arises.

Inexpensive English or Spanish Answering Service – Never Miss an Opportunity

There is no reason you should miss out on a business opportunity because there is a language barrier. Part of providing the best product is being ready. Be ready for your clients. Being ready for problems. Being ready to talk. Having a bilingual virtual receptionist solution is proof that you recognize where the market is and the path it will continue on. This will show clients that you are excited to work with them and value what they bring to the table.

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Build Real Relationships with Spanish Speaking Call Center Operators

By using a bilingual service we will help you build sincere relationships with your clients. Clients are more likely to stay with a firm and recommend them if personal ties have been established. By having a Spanish-speaking person, not a recording, taking their calls they will feel more connected and invested in the business. This will also allow for the virtual receptionist to learn more about the client, their business, and needs—allowing you to provide better customer service.

How a Bilingual Answering Service Works

With a bilingual answering service, you can make your customers feel valued and confident in the knowledge that they are being served by someone who speaks their native language. Reliable live receptionists will take care of messages for clients with Spanish-sounding names while English speaking ones receive assistance from an American operator via custom scripts based on what we learn about them through conversations or previous work history submissions – ensuring each customer gets exactly what he/she needs without having any trouble understanding either message!

We’re so much more than just a Spanish-speaking answering service. We also offer bilingual call center services and appointment setting solutions in order to provide fast responses for many administrative challenges–our employees can help your customers place orders on the phone or track shipments with ease! If you need custom solutions tailored specifically towards what’s bothering them now then our pre-recorded messages are there too – they’ll address any common issues quickly AND get out of everyone’s way as soon as possible by providing tech support when needed (or not).

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The Unparalleled Advantages of Hiring a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist Service


In an era where businesses and organizations are increasingly interconnected, hiring a bilingual virtual receptionist service can offer a host of advantages. This move not only ensures seamless communication with a wider customer base but also fosters greater efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Here are some compelling reasons why a bilingual virtual receptionist service could be a game-changer for your business.

  1. Expanding the Customer Base

One of the most apparent advantages of hiring a bilingual virtual receptionist service is the potential to reach a more extensive customer base. When your receptionist can communicate in multiple languages, it enables you to connect with non-English speaking clients effectively. This multicultural approach enhances your accessibility, attracting a diverse pool of potential customers and enabling you to grow your business in new geographical markets.

  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is crucial in driving business growth, and language is a fundamental aspect of this. Customers appreciate when they can communicate in their preferred language. It makes them feel valued and understood. A bilingual virtual receptionist can provide superior customer service by connecting with clients in their language, thus increasing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  1. Efficient Communication

Efficient communication is crucial to maintaining a smooth operation in any business. A bilingual virtual receptionist ensures that no important messages are lost in translation. They can translate and convey messages accurately, reducing misunderstandings and potential conflicts. This can improve your business’s operational efficiency and build stronger relationships with clients.

  1. Cost-effective

Hiring a full-time, in-house bilingual receptionist can be expensive, considering the costs of recruitment, training, salary, and benefits. A bilingual virtual receptionist service, on the other hand, provides professional services at a fraction of the cost. You only pay for the time you use, and there are no overhead costs like office space or equipment.

  1. 24/7 Availability

Most bilingual virtual receptionist services operate around the clock. This means your business can maintain a constant presence, catering to customers in different time zones and those requiring after-hours assistance. This level of availability can greatly enhance your business’s reputation and performance.

  1. Enhanced Business Image

A bilingual virtual receptionist can give your business a professional image. Customers often form their first impressions based on their initial interaction with the receptionist. Having a receptionist who can communicate in multiple languages shows that your business values diversity and inclusion. It reflects a global-minded business approach, which can enhance your brand’s image and credibility.

  1. Increased Productivity

By delegating tasks such as call handling, appointment scheduling, and customer service to a bilingual virtual receptionist, your team can focus on core business tasks. This increased focus can improve productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, the receptionist’s ability to handle customer queries in multiple languages means that issues are resolved faster, which also aids productivity.

In summary, a bilingual virtual receptionist service offers numerous benefits from widening your customer base to increasing efficiency and productivity. In our increasingly globalized world, such services can provide the competitive edge that businesses need to stand out. By embracing bilingual virtual receptionist services, businesses can not only elevate their customer service but also create a more inclusive and accessible environment for their clients.

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