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Physician answering services are gradually becoming an important part of the healthcare industry. Find affordable medical answering service companies from the best agents.

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Discover the benefits of a cheap medical answering service solution without compromising quality. Spending more quality time with patients is a top priority for any medical professional. By having a reliable, cost-effective and personable medical answering service available- patient care will always come first. This can be used for doctors in private practice, busy hospitals or traveling physicians. It’s time to discover all the benefits of an affordable inbound call center solution for you health-care business.

Affordable Answering Service For Medical Appointment Scheduling

An answering service for the healthcare industry can help you manage your schedule. The call center team is filled with specialists who understand HIPAA laws and the unique challenges the health care field faces. For medical professionals, virtual receptionists are able to schedule routine appointments and fit in patients with urgent needs. All while respecting your schedule and patient unique needs. Call centers are able to factor in your practice’s capabilities, know the region, and allow for high-quality time with patients.

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For traveling physicians, scheduling can be one of the most complex challenges they face. Since they are on the road a majority of the time rearranging their schedule or changing appointments can be very difficult. Especially, since they are visiting rural towns for one day a week. The limited availability paired with urgent needs requires some kind of appointment setting support. Having a virtual scheduling system will allow the doctor to focus on patient care and serve as many people as possible. Outsourcing administrative responsibilities is cost effective and the healthiest option.

virtual-receptionist-24-hour-support24/7 Supportvirtual-receptionist-take-messagesTake and Deliver Messages
virtual-receptionist-lead-captureLead Capture Solutionsvirtual-receptionist-appointmentsConfirm Appointments
virtual-receptionist-appointment-schedulingAppointment Schedulingvirtual-receptionist-verify-repsVerify Representation
virtual-receptionist-new-client-intakeProcess New Client Intakevirtual-receptionist-email-document-deliveryEmail Document Delivery
virtual-receptionist-call-patchingCall Patchingvirtual-receptionist-reporting-real-timeReporting in Real Time

Compassionate Care From Your Virtual Receptionist

Whether your patients are joyously welcoming a new child, maintaining their personal health or going through a medical crisis- the voice that answers the phone needs to be reassuring, understanding and prepared to support your clients. We guarantee high-quality customer service that will put patients and their families at ease.

Emergency Medical Answering Services

Health never takes a break, nor should your doctors medical answering service. We support solutions for 24/7 answering services allowing patients to schedule appoints, leave messages for the physician and direct them to the hospital if necessary. The inbound contact center will work with you to establish guidelines, scripts and plans-of-action to ensure patients are best served while respecting the practice’s capabilities.

24/7 Doctor Answering Service

Your support center will work with each doctor or physician to determine the best way to screen calls, pass along messages and alert them of high-priority items. Some health care professionals prefer to have messages emailed, others, prefer text messages. Client services will also field calls, knowing what must be pushed through and how to handle other, low-priority calls. You deserve to be represented just as if you were Surgeon General and that’s why it’s time to discover how an after hours medical answering service contact center can support your medical facility today!

Bi-Lingual Medical Answering Service and Customer Support

When your medical office has a bi-lingual healthcare phone answering service, more patients can be served in a timely and efficient manner. An absolute necessity when it comes to health. For most people, going to the doctor or hospital can be very stressful. It is very important that the initial interaction people have when calling is positive. If patients call and do not speak the same language as the person answering the phone they will feel ostracized, uncomfortable and will be less likely to come in for care. Having a HIPAA compliant bilingual operators on your support team is not only a great business decision.

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