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24-hour virtual receptionist services. Specializing in on-demand emergency answering services for contractors, realtors, doctors, and beyond.

  • 24-hour answering services
  • Emergency Call dispatching
  • After hours phone answering

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Whether you work in the medical field, legal industry,  or have an international operation, and affordable 24-hour answering service is a necessity to better serve your clients, increase productivity and push your company to the next level. A 24-Hour Virtual Receptionist can answer calls, handle sales orders, schedule appointments, and handle emergency calls. This is a cost-effective way to leverage your resources for business development, client services, and operations.

Lowest 24 Hour Virtual Receptionist Answering Service Prices | Always Inexpensive and Economical

Compare Answering Service CostThe need to be available, responsive and customer-friendly is more important than ever. When you partner with Pro Virtual Receptionists your calls are answered by professionally trained live customer service representatives 24 hours a day 7 days a week which means less time spent on hold or waiting for someone who isn’t going to help as quickly as possible can make all the difference in getting what matters done now.

  • Call Dispatching
  • Live Call Transfers
  • Voice Mail Services
  • Appointment Scheduling

Customers have a lot of options, so it is important that the customer service experience they receive from you matches their expectations. The best way for companies to do this? Be consistent and reliable in your responses.

We help to offer 24/7 customer service and an excellent culture. We believe that when you partner with us, your clients will receive the same high-quality live interactions they’ve come to expect from our company’s employees.

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US Based Operators

Our teams are based in the U.S. and provide customer service to you 24/7 from the office and/or at home. Our Customer Service Professionals can even act as your virtual receptionist by live-transferring calls right into your cell phone when you’re not available.

24x7 Answering Service

They’ll be on call around the clock so that no message goes unanswered, delivering everything via phone call or email (HIPAA compliant), faxing if necessary with secure messages delivered automatically every hour without fail—no matter what option(s) you choose for delivery preferences throughout this process; whether it’s online access through an SSL protected website where users must identify themselves using password upon sign up…or receiving pager notifications should services like these still exist nowadays).

  • Simple & Low-Cost Pricing
  • No COntracts
  • 100% US Based Agents
  • Easy Integration with Most CRMs

The days of comfortably ignoring customer service are over. With so many options available, your potential clients will find what they need on their own if you don’t provide answers or solutions – even negative feedback can be an opportunity for growth!

The best way to handle after-hour calls or those that can’t be answered by your staff is with a phone answering service. We offer cost-effective solutions including live operators, virtual offices, and voicemail options.

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Reliable Phone Answering on Demand

Outsourcing your inbound communications to a phone answering service results in quantifiable opportunities for cost savings. With outsourced help, you can save on staffing costs associated with having employees answer calls around the clock as well as facilities and infrastructure that would otherwise need repairing or maintaining every day when it comes down to software maintenance (and we all know how expensive those are!), plus there’s no need at all if running a fully redundant 24/7 call center from home.

  • After Hours Support: You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your calls are being answered by professionals. You’ll never be left waiting for someone to get back in touch, as messages will go out immediately via text and email if needed!
  • More Leads: We make sure you never miss an opportunity to bridge the customer’s needs by answering every call quickly with a live, helpful representative.
  • Live Agents: Feel like your business is dying because of voicemail? When every call gets answered 24 hours a day with a live voice, relationships are built and customers feel good about being talked to by someone who cares enough for their opinion.
  • HIPAA Compliance: The professionals at our answering service are the definition of discretion. Our partners will never discuss your case with anyone else, unless you require them to.
  • Save Money: We are a national leader in providing world-class customer service. With their highly trained team, they can provide you with a fraction of the cost compared to hiring internally and still offer excellent results!

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24x7x365 Virtual Receptionists and Rapid Message Delivery

An after-hours virtual receptionists is a perfect solution for businesses with a readily available front office team but still need help filling in during their off-business hours. Your receptionists won’t be on call 24/7, so it’s important to have an extra set of hands ready at any given moment!

Medical Answering Service

As the only company that will answer all of your calls, we provide excellent customer service until you’re ready. With 24-hour call answering and no distractions while at work or home it’s a win/win situation.

As one might expect from such an intelligent-sounding phrase as “Excellent Customer Service,” our team has been able to turn every potential client into happy customers with ease by simply providing them top-notch support around any time day or night.

No More Missed Calls

“Out of office” voicemail is becoming a thing of the past. Customers expect 24/7 customer service, and if you don’t have an answering system set up to answer their calls or messages during business hours then they’re going elsewhere for help.

  • Appointment Setting: With our easy-to-use online appointment scheduling system, you can help your customers easily book their next dental visit. You decide how much information is enough for callers and whether they need an email confirmation or phone reminder before hanging up!
  • E-commerce: E-commerce is a 24/7 business. If you’re not open to taking orders, your competition will be! With an answering service that can answer calls within minutes after hours and weekends – they’ll never know what hit ’em (or their customers either).
  • Prequalify Leads: Eliminate the time-consuming work of answering calls that don’t matter by using our professional after-hours call service. We will answer all your important leads first, so you can spend more quality hours on higher ticket items.
  • Call Forwarding: We make sure your after-hours calls are always answered by a real live person. We have the ability to route all inbound communications through one of two options: an automated system or someone on call who will answer them immediately when it’s their time.

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24 Hour Medical Receptionist Service

Hospitals are relying more and more on after-hours virtual receptionists to supplement their in-office staff. The practice helps patients secure appointments, streamline intake processes for front desk personnel as well prioritize calls from those requiring emergency medical attention with a virtual healthcare contact center that is always available 24/7! A medical answering solution is a game-changer.

24×7 Attorney Answering Services

For lawyers who are always on the go and available around-the-clock, answering your legal questions during off-hours is an invaluable service. You’ll have more time to focus on cases that matter most with our after-hours call handling services for attorneys.

Financial Markets

We specialize in working with clients who are not exclusively online. We offer 24-hour call handling, regulatory compliance, and personalized greetings to boost the confidence of your customers while they’re on the phone with you.

Small Business Answering Service

The world is becoming more and more competitive. To stay ahead, small businesses need to provide their customers with the best service possible- even when they call after hours! A 24/7 small business answering service will help make sure that no one gets left waiting for a response on their screens or voice mail databases due to lack of coverage; offering extended evening hours ensures consistency so people can count on getting an answer anytime anything happens during any part about the day.

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Set it, and Forget it | Automated Phone Answering

Automate your customer service and promote yourself with helpful agents 24/7. Partnering with a professional messaging company will make you stand out from the competition, even after hours.

An after-hours call answering service is a great way to ensure that all your customers’ calls get answered promptly and professionally, even if you’re not available during regular business hours. This system relies on live receptionists who help address any questions or concerns about products/services offered by taking them through web chats via their computer.

Your 24 Hour Customer Support Solution

Your business is a 24/7 operation. That means that on occasion when you can’t be there to answer the phone yourself or it goes into your voicemail box due to an overabundance of emails waiting for attention from clients wanting new projects started immediately-we here at Pro Virtual Receptionist will step in and take care everything from making sure calls get answered quickly by one our elite teams live receptionists who work tirelessly around the clock so no client gets left hanging without being serviced promptly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our number one priority! We have a wide range of services available to keep the lights on for you, so call us anytime. Bilingual agents will answer your calls no matter what time it may be or which day-of-week it falls within because they’re trained in handling all situations professionally at any hour–even midnight nights (sometimes). And since there are no contracts to sign, your satisfaction is guaranteed or you’re free to try another service that meets your needs.

People are looking for a few key things in their phone calls: responsiveness, transparency, and efficiency. When you don’t provide these qualities your callers will leave or become less likely to return because they have had an unpleasant experience thus far with your company.


  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Contractors
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Small Businesses

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Tailored Virtual Receptionist Service Solutions

Every call is an opportunity to provide great customer service or bring on a new client. With 24 Virtual Receptionists Services that are tailored for your specific requirements, you can make sure never to miss another important incoming business contact with us.

Businesses are built on their ability to provide service for all clients. But what about you? What if your day-to-day life is so busy that there just isn’t enough time in the day or week leftover from work for yourself and family obligations–or even a dream vacation abroad! Luckily, we’ve got 24/7 answering services which will make sure our client’s needs come first regardless of whether they have been set down temporarily through illness or simply want some much-deserved rest.

Your office is busy enough without you being distracted by the phone. Find time to focus on what matters most and let us take care of answering it for your company!
A 24/7 telephone answering service will free up more hours in a day so that everyone can do their best work, whether they’re an employee or contractor at our organization – we’ve got coverage all across North America (and beyond). We know how much stress bad reception causes when trying desperately try to get through one last call before midnight strikes; let’s relieve those worries together.

Working a 24-hour phone answering service will give you the perfect balance between work and life. You’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing that your calls are being handled by highly trained virtual receptionists, who have all of their quotas clearly marked in front of them so there’s nothing left up in the decision-making process when it comes time for each call bunny dilemma! Not only does this increase productivity both inside as well outside office walls but also makes those long days fly right past since we’re always available no matter what happens–whether it’s taking care of an emergency situation or just helping someone.

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After Hours | Holidays | Weekends | 24x7x365 Reliability

We will take care of your calls and answer them at the times you want! With virtual receptionists, you can get on with doing whatever it is that needs to be done while they handle all those pesky customer requests. We’ll even let you set their hours so there are never any gaps in service; 24/7 coverage just became much easier than ever before – literally.

You’ll never miss a call with our virtual reception service.

8,760 Yearly Hours of virtual receptionist coverage without the 24/7 Price

With plans costing as little as $39 a month, you can beat the challenges a full-time business faces while investing in growth and business development. Call center operators can answer calls, schedule appointments, manage RSVP services and handle sales orders no matter what time of day it is. For independent contractors or a small plumbing contractor, this cost-effective – affordable answering service solution will ensure business opportunities are captured, high-quality customer service is provided and clients are served in a timely manner. This also removes a very stressful component and challenge many businesses to face.

virtual-receptionist-24-hour-support24/7 Supportvirtual-receptionist-take-messagesTake and Deliver Messages
virtual-receptionist-lead-captureLead Capture Solutionsvirtual-receptionist-appointmentsConfirm Appointments
virtual-receptionist-appointment-schedulingAppointment Schedulingvirtual-receptionist-verify-repsVerify Representation
virtual-receptionist-new-client-intakeProcess New Client Intakevirtual-receptionist-email-document-deliveryEmail Document Delivery
virtual-receptionist-call-patchingCall Patchingvirtual-receptionist-reporting-real-timeReporting in Real Time

Capture the Market: No matter what corner of the world it is coming from

Missing calls, taking calls after hours to make contact, or, playing phone tag are no longer an option in the business world. With clients, vendors, and partners being spread across the globe, there can be significant time differences for all parties involved. The global approach to business also requires factoring in cultural, religious, and government holidays when developing operations and communications plan. While most of the American market takes the week of Thanksgiving off, that holiday is not recognized anywhere else in the world. The right team will always be available to field calls and assist your clients. This personal approach will also factor in their needs, schedules, and cultural norms.

  • 24×7 Customer support
  • After-hours answering service
  • On-Call answering services
  • Support for nights, weekends, holidays

24×7 Outsourced Virtual Receptionists Deliver Global Reach After Hours with a Personal Approach

When working with an international client base it is important to have a team of communicators that are not only fluent in the necessary language, but, know your business. Agents will not only say what you need them to say but, they will understand what receptionists are saying. This Spanish call service will instill confidence, build rapport, and nurture opportunities. The call center will also factor in holidays, cultural norms, and business practices when fielding calls from across the world. We know that these small details can make a significant difference.

Telephone Answering Services and Customer Support

Providing round-the-clock call answering is not only necessary when working in the global market. Medical call support, service providers, and, hotels need calls to be answered at any hour of the day. Whether it is a new client calling for urgent services, or, a long-time customer planning a last-minute trip – missing the call is not an option when creating, nurturing, or keeping business.

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