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Virtual Receptionists For The Real Estate Industry

Hire an affordable Virtual Receptionist for your real estate office for as little as $0.55 a call.

  • 24/7 phone answering service solutions for the real estate and property management industry.
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  • Access award-winning, quality live answering services for real estate agents, apartment complexes, and property managers.
  • Find a 24 hour realtor answering service anywhere in the US.Real estate answering service; capture every lead now so that no call is missed.

With partners like and Trulia Real Estate is one of the fastest moving and most volatile industries around. From real estate investors, to maintenance answering service solutions, we are here to help.

Homes can be purchased or dreams crushed in an hour’s time. Thirty-year commitments can hang in the balance– requiring an entire team of professionals to be on the same page for a deal to work. Young professionals will navigate the extremely competitive rental market while small business owners try to find their first office space. Chief Operating Officers will negotiate and plan entire headquarter relocations for a better office solution. The good news is an answering service for property management solution addresses all of these concerns and much more.

When a real estate specialist misses a call, or, is unavailable it is not only perceived as unprofessional, but, can negatively impact sales, colleagues, clients and tenants. This can result in housing falling through, or, reduced profits for commercial spaces. If a commercial real estate deal falls through it can result in lowered property values and lost profits.

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Maintenance calls
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Property Management
  • Apartment Complexes

Property Management Firms – No Phone Call is Unanswered

For property management firms overseeing multiple complexes with hundreds of tenants missing calls and delayed responses are not an options. With tenants calling about applications, maintenance issues, payment information and leasing issues—every call needs to be answered. Virtual receptionists can provide inbound real estate answering services, field all questions about pending leases, schedule tours and dispatch the maintenance team any time of day.

virtual-receptionist-24-hour-support24/7 Supportvirtual-receptionist-take-messagesTake and Deliver Messages
virtual-receptionist-lead-captureLead Capture Solutionsvirtual-receptionist-appointmentsConfirm Appointments
virtual-receptionist-appointment-schedulingAppointment Schedulingvirtual-receptionist-verify-repsVerify Representation
virtual-receptionist-new-client-intakeProcess New Client Intakevirtual-receptionist-email-document-deliveryEmail Document Delivery
virtual-receptionist-call-patchingCall Patchingvirtual-receptionist-reporting-real-timeReporting in Real Time

Answering Calls For Mortgage Brokers – 1 Call Answered Can Be Worth Thousands

One of the most important components to buying a property is the mortgage. Mortgage Brokers can be called all hours of the day regarding very time sensitive matters. A broker facilitates the loans and finances that will allow for people to purchase real estate. Not only is it poor practices to miss out on these business opportunities, it is can result in very bad reviews, and moreover 1 lost call is lost revenue. By contracting a remote call answer solution you never have to worry about missing a call.

Answering Service For Commercial Real Estate

When a business is looking to find new office space, they will not hesitate to find another agent if their first call wasn’t answered. Using a virtual receptionist service will ensure every opportunity is captured, can be nurtured and will result in leases, purchases and long-term partnerships. Commercial real estate deals are extremely lucrative, even, when it comes to a small office space. With some companies paying more than $1 Million dollars in rent annually, spending several hundred dollars a month on an answering service seems like a minor expense with a tremendous reward.

24 Hour Virtual Receptionist Service For Apartments

Whether your clients are renting apartments, looking for mortgage rates, first time home owners or downsizing into a retirement condo, purchasing a property can be very stressful and requires a realtor that is fast, service oriented and knowledgeable. Due to the 24 hour fast paced nature of the industry a virtual receptionist will answer your phone calls to schedule appointments, collect information and provide status updates to all of the parties involved. Something that is even more helpful as real estate agents rarely maintain a traditional 9-5 schedule, and need an after hours virtual receptionist service.

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The Advantages of Hiring Virtual Receptionists in the Real Estate Industry

In the fast-paced, customer-oriented realm of real estate, first impressions often pave the way for lasting relationships. In this regard, receptionists are indispensable assets, playing a key role in fostering positive connections with potential clients. However, the evolution of technology has significantly transformed how businesses operate, with virtual receptionists becoming an increasingly popular option in various sectors, including real estate. This article explores the advantages of hiring virtual receptionists in the real estate industry, underscoring how this innovative solution can bolster efficiency and profitability.

Scalability and Flexibility

In real estate, the volume of incoming calls and inquiries can fluctuate drastically, depending on the season, market trends, and specific promotional campaigns. Traditional, in-house receptionists may struggle to manage these peaks and valleys efficiently. Virtual receptionists, on the other hand, offer scalability and flexibility. These professionals can adeptly handle a surge in call volume during busy periods and can be easily scaled down when call volumes drop. This scalability prevents the cost and logistical challenges of hiring and laying off staff according to demand fluctuations.

Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring full-time, in-house receptionists entails substantial costs, including salaries, benefits, office space, equipment, and training. Virtual receptionists provide a more cost-effective solution, requiring no physical office space or equipment and typically operating on a pay-per-use basis. Therefore, real estate businesses can reap the benefits of professional receptionist services without the heavy financial burden, freeing up resources for other core business areas.

24/7 Availability

The real estate industry often extends beyond the typical nine-to-five workday. Clients may have queries, requests, or emergencies outside standard business hours. Virtual receptionists can provide 24/7 service, ensuring that no call or message goes unanswered. This round-the-clock availability enhances customer service and satisfaction, making clients feel valued and supported at all times.

Professional and Specialized Service

Virtual receptionists are not just phone operators—they are trained professionals proficient in customer service and equipped with knowledge about the real estate industry. They can answer commonly asked questions, schedule appointments, and ensure that potential leads are promptly directed to the right people in the business. By offering professional and specialized services, they not only lighten the workload for real estate professionals but also contribute to a positive customer experience.

Geographical Flexibility

With virtual receptionists, real estate businesses are not confined to local talent. They can hire the best receptionists from across the globe, irrespective of geographical boundaries. This flexibility ensures access to a diverse talent pool, allowing businesses to select professionals who best align with their brand and service ethos.

Efficient Lead Management

In real estate, every call can be a potential lead. However, juggling calls, appointments, viewings, and paperwork can be overwhelming for real estate agents. Virtual receptionists can help streamline operations by effectively managing calls, capturing leads, and even following up with potential clients. This efficiency ensures that no potential leads slip through the cracks.

Improved Productivity

By delegating reception duties to virtual professionals, real estate agents can focus on their primary responsibilities—property sales and rentals. This shift allows agents to dedicate more time to meeting with clients, conducting property viewings, and closing deals, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

The incorporation of virtual receptionists in the real estate industry presents a myriad of advantages, ranging from cost-effectiveness to improved customer service, productivity, and more. This innovative solution represents a modern approach to business operations, perfectly aligning with the dynamic, fast-paced nature of real estate. As the industry continues to evolve and adopt digital transformations, the role of virtual receptionists will likely become increasingly prevalent and essential.

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