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No matter how flawless your work is, clients will always need help. This assistance and support needs to be precise, helpful and easy to use. It is very challenging to provide in-house support options if the company does not have a team member solely dedicated to that task. If a programmer, designer or communications specialist attempts to assist a client with their issue it will time consuming and may cause more damage than good. Virtual receptionists can trained in the inner workings of your product to a level that they can easily troubleshoot any issues and explain solutions to a client on the phone.

Answering Service Can Help Troubleshot Problems 24/7

Whether a client is troubleshooting software, assembling furniture or have questions about an order, help desk support services, need to be available immediately, and a 24 hour answering service may be the solution. This may be at 3am or 2 o’clock in the afternoon. By having a solution available that does not have a wait time, clients will be more satisfied and the problem will be easier to resolve. They will also be more inclined to purchase future products from you, leave a positive review and sing your praises.

virtual-receptionist-24-hour-support24/7 Supportvirtual-receptionist-take-messagesTake and Deliver Messages
virtual-receptionist-lead-captureLead Capture Solutionsvirtual-receptionist-appointmentsConfirm Appointments
virtual-receptionist-appointment-schedulingAppointment Schedulingvirtual-receptionist-verify-repsVerify Representation
virtual-receptionist-new-client-intakeProcess New Client Intakevirtual-receptionist-email-document-deliveryEmail Document Delivery
virtual-receptionist-call-patchingCall Patchingvirtual-receptionist-reporting-real-timeReporting in Real Time

Help Desk Support From Teh Answering Serviec to Ease Customer Frustrations

When people call for help they are usually frustrated, confused and at their wits end. The person answering the call needs to be friendly, knowledgeable and able to navigate the situation. It is our goal that your clients feel safe in the help desk call center hands. Operators will provide support by troubleshooting issues, talking them through any processes and providing visual aids if applicable. We know you want to help your clients, the way you would like to be assisted.

Friendly Help Desk Operators

A kind, friendly and understanding voice needs to be at the other end of any help desk conversation. Your inbound call center team will never express frustration or make your client feel inferior because of their challenges. They will be reassuring and patient as they troubleshoot the issues together. Operators can even incorporate your companies methods or dialog into the script and guidelines.

Knowledgeable Technical Assistance

One of the greatest challenges companies face when outsourcing help desk services is finding a team that is knowledgeable about their products. Having someone assist your clients who does not know how to help them will immediately ruin their confidence, may result in a returned product, and, yield bad reviews. Inbound agents are committed to learning the ins-and-outs of your products and the guidelines to assisting clients.

Navigation With a Help and Support Technician

Even the most knowledgeable support technician specialists may not do a great job at proving help if they cannot navigate the process and talk someone else through it. A quality operator is trained to explain instructions, complex and simple, in laymen’s terms. They will use sensory details and language that is applicable for your client base. This process will be developed with you and tested to ensure success.