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Find An Answering Service For Literature Request – Provide Callers With Information on Demand

For organizations with vital literature and printed materials that needs to be distributed to clients (verbally, electronically, or in print), the media and partners can have a very hard time managing this task. Fielding high volume calls, collecting the requested information and sending the literature can be very challenging. While this sounds like an easy job, unless there is a dedicated staff to manage this, distractions and disruptions usually compromise the process. This can result in delayed shipments, an inaccurate databases, and information falling through the cracks.

A cost effective support team will not only handle literature requests, but, it will seek out information and make numerous positive brand impressions. When someone calls requesting literature they will get there information, ask any targeted questions and share necessary brand information. Targeted questions can include geography, how they heard about your organization, and, what they look for in printed literature. All of this information can be used by your marketing team for future projects and analysis. The specialists can also communicate any relevant information about your company such as the current capital campaign, new product launches.

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Literature Request Answering Service Solutions For:

  • Political Organizations & Non-Profits
  • Service Based Industries
  • Medical Organizations
  • Manufacturers
  • And More

Political Organizations & Non-Profits Information Solutions

For non-profits and political organizations, distributing literature is a key component to spreading the message, creating awareness and supporting various campaigns. Non-profits are often participating in capitol pledge campaigns which can result in additional information requests. Other organizations will also reach out to these non-profits and political groups for resources. This can mean teachers, civic groups and businesses. All of whom have very different hours and needs.

Service Based Industry – Info Request Delivery Services

For service based industries clients need to have information prior. Third parties who distribute your information. Often times, when people move, their property management firm or electric company will send welcome packets. These groups will solicited you for literature to include in this package. If you miss the call or fail to get the package out in a timely manner, you will miss out on free marketing and numerous business opportunities.

Medical Organizations – Literature Request Answering Service

Medical organizations, doctor’s offices and pharmaceutical companies are often asked to share literature about vaccines, viruses and procedures. They turn to professional organizations to collect pamphlets and information to distribute to community groups, students, and patients. By having detailed records of what, how much, and where the literature is going, you will have better insight for future decisions.

Manufacturers – Use Call Center Services to Better Focus on Business

For manufactures selling products to stores, wholesalers and other manufacturers, sending out literature in a timely manner is necessary for business development and sales. By having a team on-call to manage literature requests. Your sales and administrative teams can focus on logistics and business development. Having this information clients will be able to research your product and make a list of questions and concerns.